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by on Jun.07, 2016, under Site News

Hello dear All.

For any who might have had difficulty arriving here over the last month or so here is the explanation…. Two things happened simultaneously.

First, the host-server experienced a hardware problem and had to move to a new server unit – it was unfix-able. This problem was resolved as quickly as it was physically possible to do so. (Great job guys, thanks).

At the same time, I was unaware that my domain (name) had expired. This was the bigger and more time consuming problem, as follows…

A friend of mine helped with setting up my domain originally years ago, but I had no idea with who, or how. (He also installed WordPress on the host server and connected the two, bless him). However, since the expiration I lost the ability to get to my site, as you would have if you had tried to visit. When entering the URL into a browser you would arrive at a “Go Daddy” page, stating that the domain had expired and was available for auction.

Counselling with the admins at the host server where my site is held, it was recommended that all I had to do was re-purchase the domain (name), however, as I did not know where or with who this was done originally I had to follow an alternative route to getting the domain back in my possession, as follows…

My domain was up for auction with Go Daddy, so I had to register for the auction and submit a bid for it myself. I was banking on the fact that as I was the original owner “I” would not contest it, also that because the name was so specific it would be of no use to anyone else my “chances” were probably good. (The only problem might have been if someone malicious was monitoring and wanted to interfere in some way – I employed a lot of prayer-power to ensure that that did not occur).

It took a week, but because my bid was uncontested I was able to win at the lowest possible price. So, I got my domain back, Yay! It is all bought and paid for and now renews automatically each year, so now I am back in control.

One other advantage to being able to retain my domain name is that money already invested in other aspects, such as my business card, was not wasted. Yay!

It took another week for Go Daddy to set everything up on their server, then I had to point the domain to my site on the host server. It took another 48 hours for everything to reflect all the connections made.

It has been a bit of a learning curve for me along the way, but “with a little help from my friends”, and the the nerds, geeks and admins at my host server and the folks at Go Daddy… Here we are!

I hope to explore reviewing, revising and renewing the site in more interesting ways in the future, utilizing all the good stuff and possibilities I have become aware of over this last month.

In my experience I have so often found that every “problem” usually provides an opportunity for better solutions and greater improvements. It’s all good!

Always, David.


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