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…myself out there a bit! 😀

Below is a link to a scanned copy of an article from a book I came across while clearing out and sorting through stuff that my mother had. Quite amazing really, as I had been wondering about this very subject before I discovered the book. The book is about relationships, according to our astrological birth signs, and how and why they work, or might not. (The book was written by the author to be a help, an aid for the readers, not as “an instruction manual”). I guess my main question, for myself, was “What’s wrong with me?”

Apparently there isn’t anything “wrong” with me, it is just how I am. While this was somewhat of a relief to learn, it was hardly encouraging, even though helpful. From what I read and understand, it will take a very special type of person to understand (and subsequently put up with) me. If you care to read it you will find out why.

I should make a couple of things very clear. I do not go in for all the “daily horoscope” stuff. Nor do I believe that all people of the same astrological sign are the same – far from it. There are numerous factors involved that make us unique individuals. Even in “the natural realm”, what we understand as time and space, of which the science of astrology is a part, there are so many other factors to consider. Just for starters, our “Moon sign” and “Ascendant” contribute a lot to fine-tuning our overall character traits, as do all the other planets believe it or not. Then there is not just our date of birth, but the time, location and year also. Above all of this, superseding, is God’s Will, and for me personally this factor is supreme over all.

Both my Moon and Ascendant signs are Leo (which is why most people don’t believe it when I tell them I am shy). Also I was born on the cusp, and some astrologers list the date under Aquarius, while others do so under Capricorn. Again, the time and location are critical to know, if you are born on a cusp especially. I was born on January 20, 1954, which according to this book makes me a Capricorn. However, reading this, and other astrological books I have looked at over the years, I am most certainly an Aquarian, taking the time and location into account as well. It may only be a half or one degree, but it makes all the difference.

The reason I am sharing this info here is because I would just like folks to understand, that’s all. And the reason for doing so is because it seems that too many of those that I have thought that I was close to, and loved deeply, haven’t felt the same way in return, I believe because of the way this article explains I can appear to be to others. The results have been that I have hurt others through failure to meet their needs, but quite unintentionally believe me. I think people have eventually become disillusioned with me as a result and have left me. This has happened so many times now that I have quite given up on the idea of ever finding my “soul-mate” or being close to anyone, even though I was absolutely certain this had miraculously happened previously.

Please do not misunderstand, this is not a plea for “sympathy”. However, I would like it to be known that I do not appreciate being alone. I am not as “cold” as folks might think I am, or might appear to be, quite the opposite in fact. I find it hard to deal with my emotional content. I would very much like to have someone to share it with. Apparently however this would take a very special person indeed.

So, I am putting this “out there”, in the hopes that maybe someone might read this and something just might happen. I may have my head in the clouds (and all over the place) but my feet are still planted on the Earth, and I would very much like someone to enjoy the walk with me, alongside. I would like to move out of the feeling of heartbreak and loss, and back into happy mode again. 😀

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