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My Little Girl…

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My Little Girl…

Kristín María was born late in the evening on May 29, 2009. (See pic) It was prophesied that she would be born a girl and her name was given, before she was even conceived. She was also seen in a vision, and the time of her birth was indicated also.

It was a long labor, and very little progress occurred throughout a very long day. After trying many different methods of trying to help Mummy and baby along she still seemed to be stuck, until finally the doctor came, examined, and stated that she had to be delivered right away. He had to “go in and get her”, and so a suction cup was used and she literally exploded out, in a huge mess. It was clear that she had been under stress in the womb and, it seems in hindsight, could possibly have been somewhat oxygen starved as a result. Nevertheless, the next day all was fine and she and Mummy were allowed to go home.


Over the last four and a half years Kristin has become a cute, charming, talented and funny little girl. (See pic at the end) However, it has been apparent that some aspects of her development have been a bit slow compared to the average, mostly language and self-expression (having a bi-lingual environment possibly contributed to this a little), co-ordination of some motor skills, some difficulty in socializing, and some extreme fits of temper on occasion. She is also very sensitive to some noises. She is doing much better in these areas lately, and a lot of this is due to the extra care and attention she has been given in her kindergarten and at home.

Her teachers and carers had expressed some concern as a result of their experiences with her, and so it was suggested that she have some tests. Clearly the training and experiences these dear people have had prompted them to notice certain behavior characteristics that should probably be checked.

It has taken some time to get all of this done, but we heard just the other day the conclusions from the results of all the testing. Our little girl has autism. It will be a few weeks before the complete results and analysis are drawn up and a recommended course of care is proposed, but Iceland is extremely good in this area and everything is in place to ensure that Kristín will get all the understanding, care and support that she needs.

Over the years I have learned quite a bit about Kristin’s character, and how to deal with it. The bottom-line of course has always been lots of love, and trying to make it as easy as possible for her to be good, by pre-empting things and situations, preparing her by explaining beforehand, trying to stick to routines, etc. She has never been compared with others, and as much as possible she has been taught which kind of behavior would be rewarded, and which wouldn’t. It was clear that she could be a very strong-willed child. In spite of all this however she can also be very loving and affectionate, as well as funny, and this would always be capitalized on for all it’s worth.

Kristín has always been thought of as a very special gift, never a problem or a burden. There are always things that we have to learn to do better of course and mistakes happen, after all that’s life and part of being human, but generally she has always been thought of as a reward more than anything.

Knowing the diagnosis hasn’t actually changed who she is, nor the immediate situation and how things are. It simply means that we can now understand better how to help her, that’s all. Thankfully, her condition does not appear to be as severe as some others, and actually seems to be quite mild comparatively. Over time I expect that she will learn how to deal with things herself much better, especially as she will be getting a lot of extra care and support now. I believe that she will actually thrive on all this attention.

All I can ask of anyone meeting her now though is to just try to be patient and understanding, not to judge, stigmatize, or behave fearfully around her. Those who already know her don’t do this of course, because she has a charm and beauty, and initially it can be difficult to even notice anything much different about her.

The actual final diagnosis of “autism” has been quite a blow and hard-hitting for me personally, even though the facts are that in reality I have been living with it from the beginning. Maybe it is just the word. Kristín is nothing like Dustin Hoffman’s character in the movie “Rain Man”, nor “Jake” in the TV series “Touch”, but I guess it is now knowing that there will be some areas of her life that will not seem reachable in some ways, and that she may also feel “trapped” and somewhat separated from others as a result, and not able to express it herself either. I don’t really know though, as the condition is as different and specific to individuals who are autistic as there are differences in “normal” folks. We will see.

One very important point to remember is that although people with autism do not appear to have feelings, because they can’t always express or relate them to others in the usual ways, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have them – they do! One thing I know is that she does understand, likes and needs love, and she can have that freely and abundantly. Thank God the affection side of things is still there with her.

Kristin on her shell-phone

And so I would like to ask something of you, the reader of this item, if I may?

If you are a praying person, and even if you are not, I would just ask if you could devote a portion of your time to pray for just three things for me if you will, as follows…

1) For Kristín – that she will develop happily and healthily, as best she can, without fear, continuing to grow in her own unique way and in her own time, and especially that in her place in life she will see that she has a definite purpose, one that brings love and life to others, without any stigma attached, especially from others.

2) For her Mummy, Imba, and her teachers and care-givers, those who have her primary care in their minds and hearts – that they will find and use all the keys that will help unlock Kristin’s mysteries, helping her to be happy and fulfilled, growing into the special, unique and complete person she already is, but who also has yet to find her path through this life.

3) For me – I can’t explain anything here and now I’m afraid, but I would appreciate prayer. I do believe that if anyone doesn’t know what to pray for specifically, God can hear anyway, and answer! Maybe He will show you Himself what I need, in which case please just pray for that.

Thank you, and thank you for listening dear all.

With love, David

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