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by on May.12, 2013, under Site News

10 May 2013: Graduation! With a respectable “8”! Not bad for a guy I think! 😀

05 May 2013: Well, “it’s over!” – Can’t be “undone” now! – The final “Fantasy” was a LOT of fun 😀 (pics will follow next week – we’ve been asked not to “publish” until after the graduation on Friday 10th May – hope I pass!) “Seð og Heyrt” was there to take some pics, so you might catch a glimpse in the next edition! 😀 Other than that, you will have to come back to this site to see the end result as the pics will not be “legal” on facebook! 😀

I just want to say that it has been “challenging” for me (being a guy!) – so many “firsts” for me to have to try and learn (again, “being a guy”)! However, I had EXCELLENT teachers (thank you dear Elsa & Selma), and WONDERFUL class-mates, ALL of whom helped make it easy for me to be good! Thank you ladies – kudos to you all! 😀 And thank you, each and every one, who stepped up on “model day” each week!

I also want to  thank all the other contributors to our learning process – visiting instructors with years of experience in the different disciplines of make-up and production (theatre, TV, film, fashion, etc) as well as recent graduates – all of whom helped in giving valuable insights into just about every aspect of the work as a make-up artist. I’m just sorry I don’t have all their names available to list here, but Kristín, Tinna and Nenita spring to mind right off!

Then there was the very valuable and appreciated tips and advice and encouragement given for my final project over Skype by…? (sorry, forgot her name), the encouragement and awesome skills of our photographer for our finals projects, dear Aldís, and last, but certainly by no means least, sweet Arna, my model for both finals, without which they would never have happened, and certainly would not have turned as well as they did. Her fun and free approach to modelling and the photo-shoots showed real professionalism (and made me look good)! Thanks again Arna! 😀

I LOVE women, and working with them has been fun, a real honour and “a treat” – I thank God I’m a man, so I can appreciate them! (I was also the ONLY one at the school!) 😀

Will let everyone know if I graduated next week, and hopefully have some pics of that too!



27 April 2013: The last week – starts Monday 29th, finishing with the “Fantasy” final on Friday!

04 April 2013: Into the last two weeks of training. Two weeks of prep and “final exams” after that! Needed models are critical now, so if you have agreed, please don’t “bail”. It is nigh-on impossible to find any “last minute replacements”, especially for the “finals”. Thanks. 😀

13 March 2013:  Half-way through the course now! (See here if you haven’t looked recently: http://davidthebodypainter.com/make-up-artistry-gallery/ ) As a result I can offer to do make-up at half-price, for now, after I graduate it will go up! (You might want to take advantage of the opportunity! 😀 ). This site will also be changing somewhat, to reflect the additional services I will be offering in the future, such as…… Still to come – more on styles from the 20’s through to the “punk” era, Black & White, “drag”, Geisha, Baroque, Catwalk & Fantasy! (See here: http://davidthebodypainter.com/fordunarskolinn-vantar-model/ – After that “to infinity and beyond!” 😀 ) You may notice that I still need models! If you would like to be one, get in touch, “as soon as….” – “First come, first served!” 😀

While here, just “a reminder” for those who are able: http://davidthebodypainter.com/the-master-builder/


…It’s going GREAT! – I’m having SO much fun, and the instructors and fellow students are THE BEST! I just finished my 3rd week (11 more to go – building up to a “grande finale”!), and I have decided to make A PAGE here on my site to reflect what I am doing, and WILL be doing in the future!

This site is “David the Body Painter”, and I will continue “painting bodies” as long as there are bodies who wish to be painted! However…

I will be diversifying! If/When I graduate, my goal will be to provide “full service”, of anything and everything to do with make-up and body art! “I’m going ‘professional’ people!” – publicly and privately! 😀 Yay!

I will post sample pics “as and when” I have them available throughout the course, just to “whet your appetite”! Here: http://davidthebodypainter.com/make-up-artistry-gallery/

If you don’t know what I am talking about, then go here: http://davidthebodypainter.com/the-master-builder/ to get a clue! And go here: http://davidthebodypainter.com/fordunarskolinn-vantar-model/ to see what it is I am learning exactly (as well as how YOU can help maybe)!

By the way, we did make-up for some very cute mature women yesterday (14. feb – “Valentine’s Day”), and you can see some pics in today’s “Morgunblaðið” (15. feb) if you want. (I heard that “yours truly” shows up in that!) Anyway… 😀

Proof I Did It!







“Stay tuned” folks, because I am totally, seriously, “into” this! 😀





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